I am the stone in the murky depths 
I am the root, the branch, and the crossing point
I am the dark storm cloud and the lightning flash
I am the blood of wild beasts
I am the slow steady stream that carves the canyon
I am the dawn's full moon over the holy mountain
I am the oil and the amphora
I am the taste of honey'd wine on lover's lips
I am the radiant sword of truth
I am the mare that knows no reins 
I am the crone who will not wear the hood
I am the wolf mother who roams free
I am the maiden who will not be clothed
I stand in direct connection to Source
And I require validation from no external force
I have come to make the soil once again fertile 
I have come to shine the light of authenticity and love into the void of monoculture
I have come to continue the work of my spiritual ancestors 
I have come to model perfectly imperfect perfection 
I have come to be an agent of transformation
I am on the Path and everything serves the Path
There is no force that can calm this blaze
True Liberation and Healing for all Beings
True Liberation and Healing for all Beings
True Liberation and Healing for all Beings 
I am a Weaver of strong cloth

*video excerpt from "Winter Solstice Mediation" by Bana Haffar and I, video by Katherine Finkelstein, December 2021*
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