I am inhabiting a changing body and a changing Earth. In my work, I use my intuition to explore the interior places, where memories are held within the body. Working with a diversity of materials and processes, I create matrices of interlaced coordinates in which known parameters outline openings into the unknown. In this process, sculptural elements entwine with woven forms to conjure resilience and expand the capacity of the loom. I employ the meditative processes of weaving, casting, and singing to access the personal, generational, and collective histories that live inside of me. I paint with minerals, dirt, and wax, and work with fiber, ceramics, and plant matter to assert my connection to the life force that animates and unites all beings. Having a background in sound and performance, I am currently experimenting with these mediums as potential healing modalities, both for myself and others. At the core of my practice is a desire to spin, from my own inner substance, a cocoon which becomes the container for myself and others to express grief and pain inside of a borderless, liminal realm. The communities I seek to engage are multigenerational and multi-temporal, comprised of the living and the non-living. I see art as an agent of metamorphosis, helping us to inhabit and embody a multiplicity of realities and forms. 
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