I am a scavenger, a collector, a noticer, a cherisher. I work in the shadows but am trying to embrace the sun. My Art takes form through resourcefulness, intuition, and ceremony. As a dedicated Occultist, I honor the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which I believe to be neverending. Through my work, I encounter my own depths, which I attempt to process and alchemize. 
believe that as a society we must go to the very bottom of our collective depths before we can rise, and I fear the implications of this idea. Every day there is something new to grieve. As artists, we hold the potential to communicate at the level of the unconscious, sowing the seeds of change, adding our nutrients to the compost. This is a sacred and urgent task. 
I greet you at the Threshold, may our hands, hearts, and minds work together for Liberation. May it be So. 
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