Offerings to the Unknown was an event that encompassed installation, performance, and community grief that marked the closing of Learning New Powers at the Davis Cemetery on October 28, 2023. As I was making the work for this show, I started taking daily walks through the cemetery, and I was magnetically drawn to a series of gravestones marked only with the word “unknown”. Here I was, a living unknown, meeting these non-living unknowns. I wondered what future living unknowns would someday meet my own non-living unknown, a continuous chain of unknowns, reaching forwards and backwards through time. ​​​​ For this event, I offered my work to these unknown graves as a gesture of respect and communion, weaving together a community of the living and dead. I presented a performance in which I collaborated with Allegra Silberstein, and visitors were invited to listen to a sound piece comprised of field recordings made on-site that included a spoken missive to Death while they encountered the performance and meandered through the cemetery grounds. Another feature of the event was a collaboration with the Davis Threshold Singers, a local choir that continues the ancient tradition of offering song at the bedsides of those who are dying. The singers arranged themselves in circles throughout the cemetery grounds, and visitors were invited to recline in the center of these circles and receive song. 
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